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Update Notes

2018 Update Notes
— From newest to oldest —

Today, I mostly just updated copyright information for this site. I did start this new, 2018, Update Notes Page, which involved adding and changing links and link indexes, but other than that, nothing else has changed.

I did, finally, add in the 1997 Update Notes, back on , but that was an afterthought, and done after I had already posted and Update Note for that day, and I did not update the Update Note about that addition. I had meant to write another Update Note the next day, but that didn’t happen either.

I had put work on hold, here at, and shifted my focus to scanning old pictures for a new set of Bio Pages, that are in the works. The existing Bio Page is the “Abbreviated” version of what is to come. The Bio Pages, in fact, have already been designed and laid out, and two of those new pages are completely done, but the rest of the pages are still waiting for me to add content to them. To add the content, I still have to scan more old pictures, and then write and expand more bio stories. I have now finished scanning the pictures for the next bio page in the series, but there are still more sets of pictures to scan for those other pages in the works. I also still need to do a lot of writing.

My guess is that it will take at least a few more weeks before I will finish work on the new Bio Pages. However, I will be taking time to do some HTML and CSS work here, and at some of my other web sites, now and then, too. For those not in the know, HTML and CSS are the raw elements that web pages are made from. I write my pages in HTML and use CSS to add style to the HTML. For most of you, trying to explain it more is just a lot of technobabble, so I will stop here.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.