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Terms of Use

Terms of Use For Graphics

All graphics displayed at this website, and all associated web pages, with "" or "" stamped on them, are free for personal use as long as you agree not to alter the image, or images, in any way.

Please contact me if you need my art altered to better suit your needs. I do not charge for easy fixes. I want my art to look its best on your pages too. If you need more extensive reworking of my art, to better fit your site, we will need to discuss compensation for my time before I begin work.

If there is no visible stamp present on the graphic image you are interested in using, it might not be free to use. However, not all of my free to use art has a visible stamp. Check the page where the art is located for specific information on its use. If you cannot find information about the availability of the graphic image, or images, that you are interested in using, please contact me for more information.

Please contact me if you are interested in incorporating my texture art, or any of my art, into your works. I may be agreeable if certain requirements can be agreed upon and all terms and conditions are met. This is a legal gray area, but if you are an artist, or call yourself an artist, YOU SHOULD RESPECT other people’s art, and other artists! If you do not respect other artists, and their work, then you are just another thief, whether the law agrees with me, or not.

Please contact me if you wish to use any of my art for an art gallery, or for business/professional purposes.

Please do not hotlink any of my graphics to your website. Hotlinking is displaying someone else’s graphics on your page via linking directly to their graphics, on their server, rather than hosting the graphic image, or images, with your own image hosting service. To help prevent bogging down my site, please download the free graphics that you are interested in using to your hard drive, then upload the graphics to your own image hosting service.

Terms of Use For My Poetry and Prose

My poetry and prose are not free to use. If you would like to display one, or more, of my poems or prose works at your website, please contact me. Links to my site are preferable. I do not mind if you link directly to one, or more, of my poem or prose pages.

When printing a copy of my poetry or prose for personal use, please make sure to including the work's title, my full name, the version number if there is one, and the URL (web address) to that work, on the printed page.

Generally, as long as the above requirements are met, printing a copy of my poetry or prose for personal or educational use is okay, but when it doubt, please ask.

Please do not use my poetry or prose for archival, business, forwards, professional, or any other use without explicit written permission.

Terms of Use For My Web Page Design

My web pages are my own creative works. I do not find my web page designs in a can, a CD, a DVD, or even in a box, and I definitely do not steal them from other web sites.

From time to time, I may find inspiration from others, and I may use some standard models for some pages or page elements, and such, but everything learned from books and online sources is reworked with my own personal touch.

I create the vast majority of my pages the hard way, writing them in raw (X)HTML, HTML5, PHP, and CSS3. Although I have been teaching myself PHP, I am not currently using PHP at this site (Although there may be PHP forum software in use at this sites, and/or at one, or more, of my other web sites). There may also be free to use JavaScript page elements on some pages. I have been working to replace all JavaScript with CSS3 functions that do the same thing, when possible, but some pages may still have some JavaScript that I have not replaced yet.

It is okay to learn from my works, and the works of others, and be inspired by my pages, but it is not okay to outright steal my web page designs, or anyone's custom copyrighted web page designs. It is not okay to take my custom styles, layouts, graphics, and themes and claim them as your own works. If you need help creating something original of your own, please ask, or do as I did, buy some books and research HTML, CSS, PHP, and etc., or research these things online. There is a wealth of freely available information out there, on how to make your own custom pages, if you look for it. The books are not free, but most of them are well worth the money.

Please Do Not Plagiarize My Work!

If you do not know the meaning of plagiarism, please look it up.

The MACJR definition of plagiarism: Plagiarism, the act of stealing someone else's work and then claiming it as your own creation. If you are a plagiarist, you are a thief who is either incapable of being original, or you are just too lazy to do the work of creating something original yourself.

Plagiarism is a serious offense. If you are a student who gets caught plagiarizing, even after the fact, your high school can take back your diploma, your college can revoke your degree, and your teacher can fail you on the spot, and possibly, get you suspended. In addition, anyone who plagiarizes someone else's work risks being sued by the person, or persons, who were ripped-off.

To avoid becoming a plagiarist, even by accident, make sure that you always give proper credit to the creator (the artist, musician, writer, etc.) of the work, or works, that you are quoting, displaying, or otherwise using. This applies whether you are making a personal web page, a professional work of any sort, or you are a student with an assignment due.

To prevent becoming a plagiarist, and to avoid all the trouble you could get into if you are caught, never claim that someone else's work is your own.

Terms of Use last updated:
Michael A. Crane, Jr.