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Please Consider Donating
to help keep this site online and ad free

I pay yearly fees to keep my four web sites online, and I also pay for a web site hosting service to host my websites.

I do not sell my art, poetry, prose, or web site design skills. My sites are just for show, but I do allow people to use much of my work for free, as long as they agree to abide by my terms of use. Unfortunately, I have no way of enforcing my terms of use. Like every website online today has to deal with, there are people who are going to take webpage content without asking, or agreeing to anything. However, this is only one of several reasons I do not bother with trying to sell my work online anymore.

The biggest problem for me, and other small budget artists like me, is that most people want their web content for free. There are many ads supported sites that give away art, and other online content, for free. There is little chance, as I found out years ago, that anyone is going to buy anything from me if they can get similar stuff free somewhere else, or just take what they want and leave.

Why do I not just plaster ads all over my web pages, to try making money that way? I detest ads and commercialism. I do not have a business mind, and I would rather not even try to have one. I want to make art, write my prose and poetry, and design my own web pages, not snuggle up to those whose only interests in life is making more money.

I care little about having, or getting, a lot of money. All I want is enough cash to live by, get the hardware and software that I need for my work, and be able to pay for my web domains and hosting service. Although my basic life needs are met, getting the hardware, software, and paying for my web sites is always a challenge on my financially challenged budget.

I am not begging for handouts here. If you like my work, and you would like to help support what I do, please consider making a donation. If you do not like my work, or do not want to help, then do not donate. I hold no ill will for anyone who chooses not to help, or cannot afford to help, even if they take my work and leave without so much as a how do you do.

However, if you would like to help, and you can, I sure would be grateful for whatever amount that you choose to donate. I have set no donation amount; I leave that completely up to you.

Thank you for visiting, whether you donate, or not.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.