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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for

This web site,, does not buy, sell, or collect e-mail addresses. Nor does it send unsolicited mass-marketing messages (otherwise known as SPAM). If you receive an unsolicited mass market message that has in the header, or that otherwise claims to be from, it is forgery.

Fake/forged e-mail headers are a common practice used by SPAMMERS, which is just another reason you should never trust a SPAMMER, or any unsolicited mass market e-mail message. This site,, does not participate in the very un-cool, outright sleazy, practice of sending out unsolicited mass-market e-mail messages.

If you receive a genuine first contact message from, it will most likely be a request for information about content you have posted online, or feedback about content you have posted online, and that message will be directed solely to one inbox. In rare cases, may need to send a message to more than one e-mail inbox at a time, (via CC), but in those cases, it is never for mass marketing purposes. Even newsletters, to forum members, are very rare.

I, Michael A. Crane, Jr., as the owner of, and the artist, the poet, the webmaster, and the writer here at, will usually reply to visitor's e-mails personally, and on an individual basis.

All visitor, who have e-mailed me, the owner of, to request to have their e-mail address(s) removed from my personal contact list are honored, but keep in mind that all messages are permanently archived. I will respect a person's request not to be contacted, but all messages sent to me remain in my records indefinitely.

I, as the owner of, reserves the right to track all of this site’s copyrighted graphics.

This site does not currently track visitor statistics, but the web hosting service for does keep records of some standard web site traffic statistics. I may, on rare occasion, take a look at the statistical data, but such things really do not interest me all that much.

Some mini-verse pages, primarily, or solely, forum pages, may install cookies on visitor's hard drives. Do not be alarmed, these are not malicious cookies. The cookies that some pages may install on visitor hard drives are only used to help visitors use those pages more efficiently, and to allow visitors to customize their experience while they are visiting those pages. Visitors are welcome to adjust their web browser's security and cookie settings to block all cookies from, but please be aware that those who block these cookies may limit their options and the usability of certain pages, mainly, or solely, the forum pages.

Although not likely, at any given time, may have an advertiser, or advertisers, and/or use a web site service, or services, that are installed on some, or all, pages, that may install their own, third party, cookies on visitor’s hard drives. It is up to you, the visitors, to decide if you will accept those third party cookies. Most web browsers allow users to adjust cookie settings to block third party cookies. If you are not already familiar with what cookies are, and what your web browser's security options are, I suggest that you take some time to learn what your options are, and become aware of what cookie are and what they are used for. However, all that said, as long as I still own, this site will never deliberately expose its visitors to harmful cookies.

More on cookies. Most cookies are not bad. Most cookies are just tools that are used to make web sites more useful, and customizable for a user's own personal preferences. Good cookies are small files that are installed onto your computer's hard drive, and they make your web browsing experience more convenient by remembering your passwords and preferred settings for your favorite sites. Bad cookies are small files that have been installed onto your computer's hard drive that read other cookies and other files in an effort to steal your personal information and/or passwords and/or track your online activities and/or otherwise hack your system. Those are the cookies you do not want.

I highly recommend that everyone have a good antivirus and Internet security program installed on their computers (paid services are better, but some of the free ones are better than nothing). A PC utility program is also a good thing to have. These programs look for, and clean out, bad cookies and other bad things that may be lurking in your computer system.

Please be aware, and stay safe.

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