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The Archives Page

This page links to past versions of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² that I have chosed to keep around. One reason for keeping these old sites online is that they show my progress over time. Another is that each version may have had content that is no longer in the current version of the Mini-Verse². There is also at least one fan that likes one or more of my old sites and likes that they are still online, even after all this time.

At this time, I only have a simple recreation of my very first web page, imbedded in a modern page, and the 2005 version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² to show. As time progresses, I may add at least one more version or the Mini-Verse², but that may take some time. At this time, my plan is to continue building the modern version of this site, first, and then think about posibly adding another archived set of old pages.



Click the image below to see a reproduced copy of my very first, May 30, 1997, web page.

That first site was so small that it now fits inside a modern page. It would have looked too out of sorts on modern screens if I had not boxed it in, to contain it, so it became a page within a page, with a bit of information and history added to explain what you are seeing.

Replica of my first web page


Click on the image below to see the refurbished version of the January 1, 2005 MACJR'S Mini-Verse².

There are some slight changes, an improvements from the original version, but the overall look, feel, and content is the same. This version of the Mini-Verse² was a sub-set of pages at my site. To make this set of pages work here, at, there were changes that had to be made to make it work. I also refined, polished, and corrected mistakes in the HTML. It is still written in old HTML, but upgraded from HTML 3.2 to HTML 4.01 Transitional. It would have taken much more time to completely modernize the HTML and add CSS styles. I also felt that modernizing the HTML, and adding CSS, would have changed too much of this sites character to have it remain a true representation of what it once was.

One further note, this archived set of pages is independent of the main structure and content of It stands alone, but it does link back to the Main Home Page at (at the bottom section of every page). However, it does not link directly back to this Archives Page. Once you are there, you are at a separate site that is hosted by

Replica of the 2005 version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse²

Michael A. Crane, Jr.