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Terms of Use

My Graphics

Please do not link directly to the graphics at my web site. To help prevent bogging down my site please download the art of your choice to your hard drive and then upload that copy to your website's server.

All art displayed at this website with the WWW.MACJR.COM logo stamped on it is free for personal use as long as you do not remove or alter the image, or its copyright information.

If there is no WWW.MACJR.COM present on the art it is not free to use unless otherwise noted on the page with the graphics in question. When in doubt, please ask, I may let you use the art and even customize it for your page if you are nice.

Please contact me if you are interested in using my textures, or other art, for your own works.

Please contact me if you wish to use my graphics for an art gallery, a business, or for any professional purpose.

My Poetry

My poetry is not free to use. You may read my poetry and show them to others but please do not print, or quote, my works without including the title, my full name, version and date information, and the URL (web address) so everyone can know where you found my works.

Please do not use my writings for archival, business, forwards, personal, professional, or any other use without explicit written permission.

Please Do not Plagiarize

If you do not know the meaning of plagiarism please look it up. It is important not to accidentally plagiarize someone.

A MACJR Definition of plagiarism:
Plagiarism, (the condition of being a thief and un-original if done intentionally) is a serious offence. High schools can take back your diplomas, colleges can revoke your degrees, and teachers can fail you. Plagiarizing, claiming someone else's work as your own, is stealing. In addition, if you plagiarize someone else's work you risk a lawsuit.


Please respect the copyright laws and the artists.


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Terms of use for my art and poetry

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