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Childhood Fun
With summer coming up quickly, I've been thinking about those WONDERFUL days of childhood back when you actully got time off in the summer without having to burn up vacation days.

Since we all come from a variety of places and eras, what were your favorite games and or toys that you had growing up - either during recess or at home?

How did YOU spend your time in the "Pre video game/pre cable" days?
There were some woods next to our house. I spent most of my free time exploring them or just sitting by the pond reading in my teen years.
Questmaker Wrote:There were some woods next to our house. I spent most of my free time exploring them or just sitting by the pond reading in my teen years.

The first place I remember living at, for about the first five years of my life, was in a small house deep in the woods. Our driveway was near the end of a long gravel road. The gravel road, more dirt that gravel by the time it reached our place, connected, at the other end, to the main road, which had only been paved a few years before.

The main road was called, and still is, the Newberg Road, and all except the last stretch of that road must have been paved sometime before I turned four years old, or I would remember it. I remember many things from my youth, but my memory does get a bit hazy on things that happened before I was three or four. Anyway, I do remember that the last mile or two of the Newberg Road was not paved until sometime after I moved away (but family still lived in the area, and still do).

I was still a kid when they paved over the last mile or two of the Newberg Road. The last part of the Newberg was called, by the locals, The Bunny Hop Road, because all the humps in the road made you feel like you were hopping along like a bunny when you drove, or rode, over them in a car (especially at the speeds Mom and Dad used to drive). I remember being disappointed that they smoothed out all the humps when they paved that last stretch of the Newberg Road. It was those humps that had made it so fun for kids. I am sure that I would not find The Bunny Hop as fun to drive over now, having been an adult for a long while, but The Bunny Hop Road sure was a blast as a kid. Anyway, no one calls that last part of the Newberg "The Bunny Hop Road" anymore... and few of the locals that live on that road these days probably even know that it had ever had been called The Bunny Hop Road.

Another memory I have of The Bunny Hop Road, before it was paved over, was on a hot summer day in 1966 when Mom decided to take us kids, and some of her younger brothers who were visiting, swimming. The problem was that the lake, Lake Bosworth, was at the end of the Newberg Road, a few miles up the road from where we lived, and Dad had taken the only working car with him when he went to work that morning. This did not stop Mom. She packed up a picnic lunch for us, rolled out the little red wagon, left a note on the door telling Dad where to pick us up from, and off we went. The wagon was for the youngest ones. I did get to ride in it some of the way too, but at about four, I was one of the older kinds so had to walk most of the way. My brother and sister (and this was before my youngest sister was born), who are younger than I am, got to ride in the little red wagon the whole way.

The first part of that trip was not too bad, even though it was pretty much all uphill from where we lived, because the road was paved. However, about a quarter mile or so before where the road turned into the Bunny Hop, the Newberg Road pavement ended. I remember mom working hard to keep pulling that wagon. Only one of my uncles along for this trip was big enough to help Mom with the wagon, at least some of the time.

I remember being very hot, and very tired of walking, by the time we made it to the lake.

Anyway, maybe this post was not about a toy, or a game, but these are fond memories of my youth, just the same.

I had started off with the idea of continuing on Quest’s tree theme, but ended up going down the Bunny Hop Road instead. Maybe next time I will tell you more about some of my many adventures in the woods. Wink

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
I had a Stretch Armstrong to play with and let me tell you; that thing NEVER broke! Well, after I 'accidentally' cut him to see him bleed that is. Icon_twisted before that, I had a cap gun (the 'six shooter, WESTERN style one). Oh, I also had a bicycle to ride around my 'kingdom' (the surrounding four-five blocks). To be truthful; even AFTER I got my first video game, I still spent MOST of my time running around outdoors riding or climbing on the tree in the front yard, it was just grand! Big Grin

Of course,then we moved to a barrio! Ugh! In the TWO years we lived there, we were robbed FOUR times (once on CHRISTMAS!!!). To make things 'worse', we were the ONLY Black family for BLOCKS! Actually, we were the only NON Mexican family for blocks! So you can kinda guess why I am not so much afraid of gangs where I live (they have NOTHING on the gangs where I grew up in the least!!!! 8-)

Anyway, that is 'me' growing up!
I always wonder how some of the kids today would "survive" some of the days we had "back in the day." Most of the time we didn't see the inside of the house for the whole day. We had a dairy farm/store about a mile away as the crow flys. Back then it was mostly cow pastures and pathways through the woods we used to have to hike. We spent a lot of time walking there. Even days when we didn't have money to actually buy an ice cream cone we walked just to see them milk the cows and wander through the barns.

One of our "chores" during the summer was to keep the Japaneese Beetles off of my grandmother's rose bushes. She use to give my sister and I both a half a soup can full of gasoline and it was our job to pull the beetles off the leaves and throw them in the gas. It was REALLY cruel now that I think about it... but that was what we were told to do. I'm sure Social Serviceswould have dragged Grndmom away these days if they knew that she was giving us gasoline to "play with"
She GAVE you gasoline?!?!?!?! WOW! At least she DIDN'T give you MATCHES to play with whilst using the gasoline!!!! Here I thought MY mother was 'mad' for taking away my BLACK WIDOW FARM!!!!! Cry I really miss those spiders, I really do!
WAY OT here for the post topic - but a Grandmother Related story. You may have hear it before, I've shared it at different places.

While he was growing up, my uncle had a BB gun. He got to a point that the thought he needed a new one because he didn't think that the one he had had enough "KICK" to it anymore. Apparently he was relentless with his begging, pleading, asking, annoying until one day my grandmother HAD it. She took the gun from him and told him she wanted to see how much kick the gun had. She told him to start running out the back walk, gave him a five or ten count and then shot him right in the behind..... Uncle Joe never asked for a new BB gun again. Apparently, he decided after that that his gun had PLENTY of kick.

Gasaline and BB Guns... how much more fun can you have in the summer?
LOLOLOL!!!! Good thing it wasn't a .22 he complained about, eh? Icon_lol
and back to the original topic...

I LOVED Paper dolls... I used to spend HOURS cutting them out... with all the clothes and accessories. Maybe it was just because I was allowed to use the scissors

Does anyone remeber "Creepy Crawler Makers?" You would squeeze that "goop" into the molds, bake them in the metal cooker, *burn* yourself taking them out of the little oven... every single blasted %$#@% time... stink up the house with the smell of burning plastic (and flesh) But then, you would have that really neat little bug (besides your burns) to show that you had fun!
Oh sure, I remember them! What about that OTHER one, 'Shrinky Dinks'? Now THOSE were 'dangerous'! Oh boy, such memories.
I remember we had a mold to make army men. It must of been left behind when we moved. That would be worth a pretty penny these days. yep, most of our time was spent out doors. we never had any video games but we would still have lots of fun hiking the hills or playing along the river. Most of the places we lived at was out in the country so there was always woods to play in. Except Dallesport, that was a desert with sand dunes included. the sand would build up so high that it would engulf telephone poles. it was kind of neat to see the wires coming out of the sand. The dunes are gone now.

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