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Welcome to
MACJR'S Mini-Verse²

— This site is still being renovated —

While we wait for more pages of content to show up here, at MACJR'S Mini-Verse², check out the reproduced copies of past versions of the Mini-Verse² website. Click the Archives button below to visit the newly archived pages, or check out the new Bio Page.

Site Tip: if you click, or touch (if applicable), that little spaceship, near the bottom of each page, it will take you to the top of the page you are viewing.

There is not much to see here, yet, but I am actively working on this site, right now, or at least, off an on, from time to time. There is more art to see over at my other site, MACJR.COM. Although that site’s gallery pages are also undergoing major renovations, and most of my old art, that was there, is still not available, the Garden Gallery pages do have several pages of my art on display right now.

Michael A. Crane, Jr.