Vampirates novels
Ive been reading a series of books called Vampirates by an author called Justin Somper which are really good. Its a cross between pirates and vampires, but the vampires are nothing like regular ones for behaviour.
The main story is about a pair of twins called grace and connor who find themselves orphaned and rather than being adopted by people they dont like they run away. They get caught in a storm at sea and are seperated. Grace is rescued by a ship of vampirates and her brother is rescued by regular pirates.
Connor learns about being a pirate while grace is learning about her new crew mates. They have donors for their blood rather than just attacking people though and grace decides she likes being with them, especially one vampirate called lorcan furey.
Then they go to a place called sanctuary which is where the vampirates learn to get along with regular people and grace finds out that she and connor are actually half vampire themselves as their mother was a donor and her father was a vampire.
One of the vampires - his name is sidorio - decides he dosent like to follow the rules and decides to break away and make his own ship of aggressive vampires though and the other groups have to stop him doing that.

These books all follow one another for story - great chunks of the plot would be missed by not reading them in order so I will list the titles below.
Demons of the Deep\Tide of Terror\Blood Captain\Black Heart\Empire of Night

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