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One additional note about the new Archive Pages (see previous post), for the Garden Gallery, especially in the 2007 Archives, the graphic tile design, specifically the vine tiles do not work as well as I would like with smartphones and tablets. The tiles tend to get pushed out of positions on small devices. This is less of an issue with the 2018 Archive Pages, that use a more modern version of HTML and CSS. I am now in the process of adding CSS to the 2007 pages.

I am also going to look into the tile issues with small devices today, to see there is an easy fixed for small devices. The tile layout is not a problem on laptops and PCs... that are not zoomed or have overly large font/text settings. If your web browser, in your laptop or PC are set to normal, these pages should look fine for you.

This is the problem with this page design style though, it is too fragile for too many reasons. I may think of a better way to do a vine design set of pages at some point in the future.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Work progresses on the 2007 Archives for

I finished most of the HTML and CSS work a couple of weeks ago, and now I am working on the graphics. Many of the old art images needed to be retouched to look better on modern screens. I am also dumping, and replacing, all of the watermarked images. Since almost all of the art on display back then had been watermarked, that means pretty much all of the art needed to be replaced.

As I retouch the old art, I often end up playing with the art, making new and improved versions, that were beyond my skill level back in 2007. It has been hard to resist replacing the old art with new versions, that display more of my current graphics skill levels, as they are today. However, I have been forcing myself to just do the simple bright and contrast adjustments, and some small fixes here and there, and staying true, mostly, to the original look of as it was back in 2007. All of the new versions, and new art that was inspired by working with these old images, may end up on new pages when I get back to work on the new version of, that I plan to get back to work on soon.

Part of what is taking so long, now, is that some of the art needs more than just a simple bright and contrast adjustment. In a few cases, I have to go back and find the original, high quality, working draft copies that were used to compose the final online version of the art. Sometimes, each element of the art piece needs to be adjusted separately, and then recomposed into a new image that looks essentially identical to the old image, just all shiny and new looking, rather than old and faded looking.

Mostly though, the end results of my remastered digital works look like small changes, if you can even tell it has been retouched. In some cases, those small changes were quick and easy to do. Other times, it took hours of work to recreate or remaster that image.

I am attaching one of the new works, that came out of this restoration of my 2007 web site and art. I took some time to go well beyond what I was able to do back in 2000-2007, when I first made the early versions of this piece. This is not a finished version, but I used it as an experiment with a new program, with a near-ready image I had been working on.

I recommend that you right click the video, and select "Loop" quickly, because the animation is short, and for the best effect, it needs to be looped.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Work is still in progress over at the web site. I had hoped to have the new Metamorphic Gallery pages opened by now, but as I worked, I kept adding to my workload, and adjusting and revising the pages and content this way and that, and sometimes back again.

I also added some poems to two of the old artworks, then decided those poems, and the art they were attached to, belong back in the Garden Gallery, where they used to be (and will be again sometime soon). I had also split some pages into two, if they had two artworks on them, making a page for each artwork, and then later, recombined them back into one page. The end results is that there are now several new pages, with new art, to look at, along with updated older pages with updated artworks, and are more poem pages to read, but the gallery, as a whole, is still not quite ready to show online.

In the midst of all this, I made a spur of the moment decision to buy yet another web domain, I plan to turn that site into MACJR'S Prose, but may revise the name before I get to that. I had planned to make a MACJR'S Prose set of pages at, but now I will just make that project a whole new web site.

I am not sure how much longer it will take to finish up work on the new Metamorphic Gallery online, but it should not take much longer, I am more than half done. After I finish up work on the Metamorphic Gallery, and do a quick update to the Garden Gallery, I plan to start work on the new Art Gallery pages, a gallery that was called, Web Art, for a long time, but never had any art added to it. I now plan to finally get that set of gallery pages started. At first, it will be divided into four sections, but I may expand that number over time. I only plan to get a small set of art pieces added to those pages at first, and then add more art over time. I do have boatloads of art for some of the new Art Gallery pages, but it will take a lot of time to sort through, pick the best of the best, process all that art, and then get it online.

I plan to only get the new Art Gallery pages started though, for now, because I want to get started on that new web site, MACJR'S Prose, right after I get those first Art Gallery pages online. Once I get MACJR'S Prose site up and running, with at lease some of my prose work posted there, then I plan to switch work between my web sites, working on them all, a little at a time. They all need work right now. Some of my sites have sat neglected for far too long. Time to change that.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters

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