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Both the MMVSF Brown 1 and the MMVSF Blue 1 themes have now been replaced with fresh new, fully functional, new style and template pages.

Everything is working much better now.


HOWEVER, there are some rare instances where the "get more" smilies will still have an issue, and not work. I believe this last issue is a bug in the software, rather than a broken themes issue. This issue can be repeated on default themes too.

For none-members, none of this is a problem for you anyway. This would only be an issue for members, making posts, and wanting to use the extended list of smilies in their post, and only then, on rare occasions.

The problem occurs with extra long threads, when you start from the beginning, and want to make a new post. It may be specific to when you click an option to few all posts. When you do that, the bug kicks in and the "get more" smilies pop up will not work.

If you go back to the main forum page, and then navigate to the last page on the thread, the "get more" smilies pop up works.

I will experiment more with this, to find out if there or other instances that cause this smilie issue and then make a post about how to avoid this issue, or overcome it.

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I just noticed that there are still some items to re-add to the MMVSF Brown 1 theme. I will work on re-adding these items over the next couple of days. I will also be adding these missing items to the new MMVSF Blue 1 theme.

They are just extra items, for amusement though, and not at all important to the functionality of this board.

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Today's project, to find every forum page template that has an HTML "<HEAD></HEAD> section and then add in my favicon link, so all pages visited have my site icon loaded up into the browser tab.

Early on, this was easy, all I had to do was add the favicon links into a global header, and this worked to load my favicon (site icon) onto all the display pages. It still works in the Firefox web browser (for PCs anyway), but Google Chrome and other browsers stopped supporting this option years ago.

I have found that there is another way to get those favicon site icons back, but it requires that I add the two favicon links to every template that has an HTML <HEAD></HEAD> section. That is A LOT of templates to go through to find all those that need those links added.

Right now, I have a good start on this, but only for the MMVSF Brown 1 theme, so far. Most of the Brown theme forum pages will now load my site icon into the tab, but there are a few more template pages to get to before I am done. Then I have to do this same thing for all the other themes too, including the MyBB default theme, and a few optional alternates MyBB themes with different colors (those currently available, and those I will add soon). I personally do not like the MyBB color themes, but for those of you who like light backgrounds, and simple themes, those themes may be more to your preferences.

Well, back to it. It may take a while because I have a few other things to take care of today, but I should have the MMVSF Brown 1 theme done by the end of my workday, or possibly later this evening, my time.

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I dug a little deeper this time, going through all the MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums template pages. I have now replaced the original MMVSF Brown theme with the new MMVSF Brown 1 theme. Many people probably would not be able to tell the difference, even if you had a copy of the new and the old open side by side, but some small improvements were made. Except for those small changes, and that this new copy of the Brown theme is built on newer, un-corrupted, pages, the look is the same as the original Brown theme.

There is still a bug of some sort that prevents the "get more" smilies pop-up menu from popping up, but it is hard to replicate, and seems rather random.

When that happens, the first thing you do is press the "Esc" key if you are sitting at a PC or using a laptop. You may have to resort to backing out of the post page otherwise.

Go back to the main forum page, in whatever manner is available to you, and then navigate back to the post you wanted to reply to, and try again. It should work on the second try.

You can also just post you thread or reply, then navigate back the the main forum page, and then go back to your post and edit it to add in the smilies.

More than likely, this issue will be fixed in one of the next forum software updates/upgrades. I just hope that that update/upgrade event does not mess up the functionality of my custom pages again.

It was a lot of work to fix the issues from a bad update/upgrade event, or events. This may have been a cumulative, systematic, progressive corruption of my custom pages.

Actually though, I am not absolutely sure it was just the custom pages that were effected by that bad updage/upgrade event, or events. Even the default pages had to be deleted and restored (I used a copy of the default theme from a brand new copy of the forum software to make sure the new default page was a clean copy). It is easy to import/export themes, I have discovered.

Since starting this repair job, I have become far more familiar with the MyBB forum software. I have also become aware of how important it is to keep notes about those things I have changed that involve changes to a template page too. It helps a lot to know just WHAT BLASTED TEMPLATE was changed/effected by that particular style change, or addition, and to what template that item in the CSS is linked to.  Wink

I have never counted just how many templates there are, but there is a very, very long list of templates to go through when you do not know what template you are looking for. Even when you do know what template you are looking for, just finding the right set of templates can be a chore, there are just so many of them to go through.

This board fix event was good practice though, at helping me become more familiar with just how the templates are laid out, and this gives me a better idea of where to look for things now.

Now, back to work on the new MMVSF Blue 1 theme. I will have to repeat much of the same work again within the blue theme too, but this time, I will not have to go through every single template, one by one, to find where to make some of those changes. I now know which ones to change.  Wink

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As well as fixing issues, refining my themes, working to build a new MMVSF Blue theme, I am looking into information about the direction and future of the MyBB sofware. I am concerned about how their past updates have been messing up the stability of my installed copy of the MyBB software, and I see they are working to make more significant changes to their software that may also impact my custom themes, and the stability of these forum pages. They are trying to make these transitions as smooth as possible, and hopefully, future update/upgrade events will not impact this board quite as negatively as past update/upgrade events have.

Considering the possibility that more theme issues, and stability issues might occur, I have deiced to limit my custom themes to just the existing two I have right now. I will finish up work on the new Blue theme, and keep the Brown theme, but I am canceling plans to make alternate version of each of these. These two themes will now be renamed, MMVSF Brown, and MMVSF Blue, dropping the 1 from their names, because now there will be no number 2 for either of these themes, at least, not at this time.

I will also limit the number of default MyBB themes to just two or three. I only have one alternate MyBB theme available at the moment, but I may add one or two more, but no more than that. I really do not care for the MyBB themes anyway. I just keep a few around for those of you who do like those better than my own custom themes.

Now, back to work on that new MMVSF Blue theme. I am going for a lighter, less extensive, theme build for it. One that requires less time to fix if this board does get corrupted again, but I will still be doing a bit more work on it before I call it done.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Although the new blue theme is not completed yet, I am probably done with the colors adjustments and changes.

As stated before, I am going for a lighter touch on this custom theme. The Brown theme customization go a bit deeper than I plan to do for the blue theme.

One of the changes to the Blue theme, though, makes my UFO graphic become harder to spot for people not logged in. This was not intentional, but rather an unintended consequi8nce of the page design differences between the Brown and Blue themes. The Blue theme is closer to the original MyBB default theme, and the only way to solve the issue with the UFO view ability, other than moving its location, which I do not plan to do, would be to adjust the top part of the forum page in a similar manor as I did with the Brown theme.

For members who are logged into the forum, there is an extra menu bar at the top, that makes the spacing just right for the proper viewing of the UFO image. It is not hidden if you are signed in.

Even for non-member guests though, you can still find and see the UFO, but it is a bit tricky to find if you scroll too fast down the page.

There may also be an issue for those of you using smaller devices, like tablets and phones, which have browsers with very limited, basic, web browsers. I will check into this later. I do tend to forget about small devices when I am working on page design, since I am primarily a PC user. Tablets and smartphones are handy, but they in no way compare to the scope and power of a real PC. Small devices users miss out on far more than you know, if you do not have a PC to see the difference.

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Okay, I just checked a smartphone, and a tablet, to see if the small UFO can be found and viewed with those devices, for people not signed in.

The short answer is yes, but it is not easy. You have to work for it.

The long answer is that if you devices has a good enough web browser, you MIGHT be able to find it and see it. Not all smart devices browsers are created equal, so it may just depend on what browser you have, and how good your device is, where or not you can find and see that little UFO in the blue theme.

However, the Brown theme does make it a lot easier to find and see that little UFO.

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