The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom
This is a library book i started reading a few days ago. Not sure whether fiction is the right place or science fiction though.

Its about the very first man on earth to try and measure time, and how he is banished to a cave where he never ages and has to listen to the whole worlds voices that are after more time. He becomes known as "father time" and is there for centuries. But he does get his freedom and a chance to redeem himself by finding two particular people and teaching them about the true meaning of time.
He finds the world outside his cave is obssessed with time. One of the people he has to find is a teenage girl who wants to give up on life and the other person is an old business man who has a terminal illness and wants lots more time and to live forever. He has the ability to stop time itself with an hourglass that he carries.

Ive only read three quarters of it so far but its a really good book and very interesting.

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