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The Weight Room
I am making fair progress with my workouts. I can already feel my chest and arm muscles toning up and my endurance increasing. My leg muscles are also firming up.

I switched to the next heavier set of weights and pushed a little harder this time, but I do not think I will get sore. It is still early in the toning up process so there is still a chance of sore muscles tomorrow though.

I do need to pick up some glucosamine. I have been out for several months; the stuff is not cheap on my budget, so I have skipped it. My joints do better with glucosamine though, and now that I am working out again, the stuff is a necessity. The weights put a lot of extra stress on the joints, and surprise, they complain about that. Getting older can be a pain… quite literally.

Well, Lost will be starting here in a few minutes so I will stop rambling on for now. Wink

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters

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