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Full Version: Saga of Cuckoo (part 1): Farthest Star
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"Farthest Star" is the first of two books. Together the two books are called the "Cuckoo Saga," written by Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson.

Book one: Farthest Star (1975 - Ballantine Books)
Book Two: Wall Around A Star (1983 - Ballantine Books)

I did not know that this was a two part series when I started reading "Farthest Star," and wouldn't you know it, I do not have the second book in my collection... yet. I have ordered the second book, "Wall Around A Star," from, and it should be here in within the next few days (from the time I write this).

I finished reading "Farthest Star" last night and found it to be well worth the read. I just wish I had known that there was another part to this story before I started reading it, I would have ordered the second book earlier, so I could be reading it now.

“Farthest Star” takes place in the relatively near future, when humanity has become part of a galactic civilization that consists of races of intelligent beings from all over the galaxy. As newcomers to the galactic civilization, the human race feels the need to prove themselves as worthy of being there, and thus send representatives of the human race on as many missions as possible to make their presence known.

The method of transportation is not usually by space ships though, it is by a transporter like device that sends exact copies, down the smallest details, including all of an individual’s memories. This weaves a tangled web of interesting possibilities and consequences.

The main character of the book is Ben Pertin... or that is, most of the stories found in "Farthest Star" revolve around several copies of that original Ben Pertin. Interestingly, we never actually see the original Ben Pertin in this book; he is only mentioned from time to time.

The first half of "Farthest Star" is about getting to a mysterious, very large, object speeding towards the Milky Way Galaxy. What is this object? No one knows.

The second half of the book is about exploring this giant object, and the life forms that live on its surface, which incredibly, includes a race of humans, and several other known races of beings from the Milky Way.

The title of the second book should give you a good idea of what the object is, but I am not telling you what I know. Read the book if you are interested in knowing more. Wink

I will post a review of the second book... after I get it and read it.