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Full Version: vampirates by justin somper
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This is my most favourite book series. There are at least six books in the series which run on from each book so they have to be read in order. the first one is called demons of the ocean if anyone wants to give it a try.

its about twins connor and grace who grow up with what they thought was their father dexter. then he dies and they run away to sea to avoid being taken in by the bank manager. then they end up getting seperated in a storm and connor ends up in the pirates hands and joins them while at the same time grace gets rescued by the nocturne, which is the vampire ship. she decided to join them. each thought the other was gone.
the first book is about what the two twins do and how they cope with their respective new friends. then grace is discovered by connor in the next book i think, and also a dangerous vampire called sidorio finds her on board and tries to make her his blood donor but is stopped. he gets kicked off the vampire ship for killing his donor.
then sidorio decides he is going to make his own vampire crew and fight the peaceful vampires and also the pirate ships. he gets together with a female vampire called lola who is also keen to take over the seas.
then grace goes to a place called sanctuary to help the vampirate leader mosh zu and finds out that sidorio is her real father and not dexter. her and connor are dhampirs - half vampire, half human.
they end up in a fight with sidorios people who are trying to make everyone join them.
there is lots more but it would take me ages to type it all.
Ive read the whole series over a dozen times and still re read it.