About MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums
MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums is a general purpose bulletin board for discussing a wide variety of topics. Some of us, like me, favor science and sci-fi topics, but any family friendly topic is welcome here.

All friendly people are welcome, no matter where on this planet you live, or where you came from. People of all ethnic backgrounds, and all religion, are welcome. Atheists and agnostics are welcome too. We also do not care what your social-economic status is, whether you are of the rich, poor, or middle class, you are welcome here.

A little history about this message board:

4) This current version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums would more accurately be numbered 5, 6, or even number 7, because of technical issues, and trial and errors, as I was moving and merging versions 2 and 3 together to form this new version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums, and because the first version 3 went so bad that I had to start it over with a fresh copy of the MyBB software, and recover what I could from the original corrupted version of number 3 (many posts were forever lost due to that corruption event). Anyway, I call this one Number 4, because it was stable enough to use. Unfortunately, this board too has developed issues since it first opened, that I have not yet fixed. It looks like one of the software updates went haywire, or some random board hacker was mucking about. It is fixable, I just have not taken the time to fix it yet.

3) MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums is the 3rd incarnation of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forum. Note the added "s" on this new version of The Miniverse (Miniverse being the short form of Mini-Verse²).

I installed the MyBB forum software (MyBB is the open source forum software that this message board us built on) and began work setting up and creating the individual forums, customizing the board styles, templates, and graphics for this message board on November 29, 2011. I did not change every last thing from its original MyBB defaults, but I have changed and modified a large number of things.

2) On March 30, 2009, I started the 2nd incarnation of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forum. That second board is a phpBB style board (phpBB is open source software). That second Miniverse Forum was not as successful as the first Miniverse Forum was, and I never did finish the customizations for that board. It was my first experience with open source forum software, and I did learn a lot from that board.

That second Miniverse Forum lingered on for a while, but eventually, even my best online friends wandered away... but then, I had gotten sick and could not spend much time there anymore either. That board is no longer online, but its posts were merged in the this current version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums.

1) The first MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forum, hosted by Website Toolbox, was started on November 11, 2005. It was the most successful Miniverse Forum, so far.

Website Toolbox is a pay service. That message board service only allowed me to customize the style sheets, but did not allow access to the forum templates. I found that incredibly frustrating... especially when they kept changing the templates in ways that kept messing up my style customizations. After Website Toolbox messed up my styles for the third time, I felt I could no longer do business with them. That was when I started researching open source forum software, like phpBB, and more recently, YaBB and MyBB. All three of these allow full access to the styles and the templates. And best of all, they are all free. You just need a website host that can run their software, and you are in business.

Most of the members from that first Miniverse Forum wandered off to find new adventures in other places (mostly to facebook, where I am still friends with some of them). That first Miniverse Forum is still online, but it is in archive mode and not accepting new members (and I removed my custom styles from that board and it is now plastered with oddly placed ads).

Back to the present:

My health is better now (on and off anyway - I am getting older, and my health is more half-hazard these days), and I am finally able to get back to work on my web sites, graphics, this message board, and some other projects I am working on. Now that my health is better, I thought about trying to revive that 2nd incarnation of the Mini-Verse Forums, but then I started checking into other open source forum software, like MyBB, the makers of the software I used for this message board. I liked what MyBB had to offer so much that I decided this was the software I was going to use in an attempt to bring MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums back to life. Jumping forward to the new now, I am actually considering going back to the phpBB software. I do like the MyBB software, but it tends to flake out too easily, and I have had numerous issues with it since I started using MyBB way back when.

If you would like to help me bring life back to these Mini-Verse Forums, please feel free to message me, to request membership here. It would be nice to have more friends to talk with.

Best Regards,

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
I am still pondering and considering the options for the future of MACJR'S Mini-Verse² Forums.

I know some people still read these pages, from time to time, but there is no participation here anymore. My brother, White Crane, is still around, but he no longer has Internet access at home, and when he does get online, we just message back and forth on Facebook these days.

Options are to archive most of the old forums and just turn this into a blog, with just a few topic threads for curious visitors, and for those who do like to follow me (or stalk me) online, but only from a distance (I can be a cranky cuss sometimes. Sigh. I guess I have developed that cranky old man syndrome, or something).

I will take some time to consider my options for a while longer, as I work on my web sites and such, before I make up my mind on what to do here next.

I have also considered simplifying the layout of these forums, so that they are easier to navigate, but that only makes sense if there are people who participate here. Just archiving the old forums makes more sense if there is no new activity.

I am also considering trying out different software, for a blog, or new forum, and just archiving this whole MACJR'S Mini-Verse Forums, like I did for the first board (although I may revive that old board for a short time sometime soon - to fix a few issues - but if people want to join in there, I could just keep it open).

All my old friend moved on, or we hang out elsewhere. Too many of them are addicted to Facebook these days, and there is no moving them away from there. I personally do not like Facebook all that much, but that is where my remaining friends are. Bummer, but that is the way it is right now.

I guess I need to get a new batch of online friends, who do like old-style message boards, like me.  Wink

So, where are you?

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters

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