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New upcoming precession
Hello everyone! long time no type! LOL

WEll anyhoos, thought I would puke out something on the new precession in two years. As an avid astronomer I like to stay up on current events in our little solar system that happen and may affect our little existence here on our rock. so, being the precession of our cool star constellations is going to start a new 25,000 year cycle again I would hope for some enlightenment on to whats really going to happen... hmmm its going to start all over again! woo hoo. Barring any weird influences of comets asteroids or energy of some kind passing through our galactic plane as we travel through the milkways at the same time. I am a very intimate metaphyical person but I do rely on hard facts and science to really tell me whats going on. so if there is anything you would like to talk about or are interested in, please feel free to type away!!

cybnetic end of transmission Wink
Welcome back, Cyb! Glad to have you back

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