RealWorld Paint
Recently, I discovered a new graphics program called RealWorld Paint.
It turns out to be a nice find. Unfortunately, you can only load one mouse button color at a time (I prefer two button colors at a time - it saves time), but this program has a lot of other things going for it. I have not spent enough time using this program to give an in-depth review yet, but I like what I have found so far.
I had originally downloaded a copy of RealWorld Paint because it was recommended at some web site (I do not remember which one) for making animated PNG files. Either that, or I stumbled across it on my own by doing a Google search (in either case, it all started with a Google search). I could see right away that, other than the one color at a time limitation, that this would be a useful graphics program for making animations. It can save animations in GIF, PNG, and WEBP file formats. Of those three animation file formats, I like the PNG format best, even if it is not make the smallest file size of the three options. Unfortunately, the animated PNG file is the least supported by modern web browsers (only working in Firefox - of those web browsers I tested).
It turns out that RealWorld Paint can do more than make animations though. It has several useful tools for making digital art. It does not have a lot of filters to work with, but it does have a few of the essentials, and other useful tools. It is missing a few tools that would make the program even more useful, but maybe in time those will be added. Even lacking a large selection of filters, and missing a few handy tools, it can do a few tricks that few of my other paint programs can do, like pealing back a corner of a selected area, as if pealing back a page.
Although RealWorld Paint is not yet good enough to replace my main graphics programs, it is a useful addition to my growing collection of graphics programs.
Best of all, it is free.
Check RealWorld Paint out, if you are interested. It might be worth your time if you have need of a good graphics program.
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