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File Attachments
As of today, any image attachments posted, that are larger than about 410x410 pixels, in either width or height, will show up as thumbnail images that link to a full-size image. The new thumbnail size is set to a maximum width of 411 pixels, and a maximum height of 411 pixels.

Oddly enough, if an attached image is exactly 411x411 pixels, it will still be a thumbnail image with a link to a full-size image. Thumbnails are lower quality images, so it may be worth clicking on them to see the full-size images, if any of the thumbnail images interest you.

If the attached image is less that 410 pixels in width, and height, it will post as the full uploaded image, and not as a thumbnail.

Unfortunately, updating the maximum thumbnail size did not change the display size of previously posted attached image thumbnails (if I remember right, an older version of this board's software would automatically update those thumbnails when I changed the settings). With the current version of this board's software, to update thumbnail sizes you have to manually re-upload the original images.

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