this book is about two teenage boys - one of whom loves anything to do with digging as he is like his adopted father and the other is his friend who is helping him to excavate various sites.  they find an underground society  that has been underground for centuries.  they end up being captured when they venture into the underground culture when they try to find wills adopted father who went missing from his basement while examining a strange artifact and the main one will burrows finds out that his natural mother is actually from this underground place but escaped to the topsoil world and is now a fugitive.  will ends up with his natural family and finds out he has a brother cal and a giant cat called a hunter who wants to see the top world too and wills friend chester gets sent even deeper into the earth to fend for himself, only will ends up joining him with the help of his uncle tam.  there are another group who are after them though.  will has what he thought was his sister who wont rest until she kills him because of something that happened.  anyway, the sister is apparently part of a group of "others" who don't want the colony to be discovered.  I wont say who the others are because it will spoil the books for anyone who wants to read them.  its actually a series of around 6 books in total.  the titles in order are :  tunnels, deeper, freefall, closer, spiral, terminal.  they need to be read in order or the story will be half missed if any book isn't read in order.  there is apparently another world nearer to the centre of the planet too and a crystal belt that turns out to be more than it appears at first glance too. 
I have read these books over a dozen times and keep going back to them again as they are worth reading. 

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