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I am just looking in after not logging in for a couple of months and I find it is very quiet here. So you know I have to fix that even if it is just to say Hello. Smile
(10-23-2016, 11:43 AM)White Crane Wrote: I am just looking in after not logging in for a couple of months and I find it is very quiet here. So you know I have to fix that even if it is just to say Hello. Smile

Sorry I left you hanging there, WC, I just was not in the mood to keep trying to keep this board alive when no one, but you, seemed interested.

Anyway, giving it another try.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Things have been crazy for me for the last several months. There are some that think that I have gone crazy, but I am pretty sure that my marbles are still where they belong, it is the situation that is crazy. It is so crazy, that no one wants to believe that it might be true, and it is easier to just write me off as someone who has gone over to the deep end of the pool of insanity. Or at least become a bit unbalanced.


It all started late last April, of 2017, when my downstairs neighbor started playing some sort of awful music, or a TV, or something, down in the bedroom down below mine, all night long. Added to this was that their washer and dryer was also running all night long, every night, and the washer and dryer area in these apartments are too close to the bedrooms.

This had seemed like a sudden change in their behavior, but there had been overlooked clues leading up to this situation. I just had not connected them to me, or that they were trying to send me a message through slams, thumbs, and screaming events. I would hear those things, more and more often, but mostly, they had seem directed at each other, the woman screaming at the man, or the son, or the daughter, or at who knew who else. It had not occurred to me that I might be one of those others she was screaming at.

Sometimes I would hear slamming of kitchen cabinet doors, or the pantry sliding door, down below me while I washed dishes. I hand wash dishes, because I live alone, and it makes more sense to me to just keep my dishes clean rather than wait for a dishwasher to fill up enough to justify using it, especially when I need some of those items before that would happen. A dishwasher makes more sense, to me, if there are at least two people living in a household. It is near useless to a single person, or at least to me. So when I heard the bangs and thumps from down below, I just thought they were rather careless people, and it had not occurred to me that they had issues with me making any noise above them that they could hear. And the more I looked back, well after this situation explode into a much worse one, and I will get back to that in a minute, the more I saw that they had been trying, in a very dysfunctional way, to tell me that they were upset with me for a long time. The problem is, they banged around down there far more often than I made noises. I would be sitting at my computer, typing away, and there would be thumping going on somewhere else from down below. Not from under where I was, but in the laundry area, or somewhere else. If they were protesting my typing, I was not getting that message. I was also using a quiet keyboard at that time. I am wondering how they heard me typing on it, if that was indeed an issue for them.

Later, it would dawn on me that maybe the son slept on the couch during the days, fairly close to my work area up on the floor above him. Maybe he was hearing me typing away, and make shuffling noises and such, during the day. I am a day person, and they are creatures of the night. They are a family of four, and I am only one person. If I worked out in the back bedroom, because that was the most practical place for me to work out, it was when they were sleeping, but I did not know this at first. When I moved my workout area to the living room, less practical, but doable, then I was working out over yet another person who was trying to sleep during the day. Just an after the fact guess though. That is all I can do though, is guess, since they have never tried talking with me about anything important.

Dag blast it, why the heck didn't they just tell me, and try to work things out with me. But no, they just used thumps, bangs, and slams to send their messages, and I do not understand thump, bang slam as much as I understand English.

Okay, back to how this started to get insane.

I did not react well to having my sleep disrupted, night after night, when at that time, I had no idea that I was a problem for them during the days. It all came to a boiling point when they started talking down below me, in addition to playing that music (if you can call it music - and I would figure out later that it might not have been music at all), and washing their cloths all night long. It went from a low voice, to a more casual daytime voice that one night, and after about and hour and a half of that, I lost it. I said something very rude, more than loud enough for them to hear, then stomped my way to the bathroom, slammed the door, slammed the toilet seat, and then thumped the bathroom counter-top too, before going back to bed. Okay, so I do speak some thump, bang, slam too. The thing is, I was severely lacking in sleep, and those sounds, whatever they were, were making me feel agitated and unsettled. Those sounds pushed my anger to a higher level than I would usually reach, even when sleep deprived.

That bad reaction, on my part, was the turning point, from a bad situation, into to much worse situation, that would keep getting worse as time progressed. Now the music(?) became louder at night. The base turned up even higher. The washer and dryer were still going non-stop, and I had to wonder if they were just running them without clothes in them, of did they really have that much dirty laundry all the time?

I did try to make peace with the people who live down below me. I wrote them a two page letter trying to work things out. I was agreeable to making changes so that we could live in peace. There was no reply to that letter. None at all, unless you consider the power being turned up on their boombox as their reply, and even a more stepped up series of night attacks.

I waited several days for them to consider my reply, and finally, in early May, I wrote a noise complaint to management, hoping that management would help me get this situation resolved. The next day, management did come out, lectured them severely (a bit too harsh, I thought - but then, I was not too torn up about it since they had been robbing me of sleep for about two weeks at that time). Worse, I would find out later that management had called CPS, or otherwise had their daughter removed from the home. That was not my intent at all, and it did not make the people who live below me feel any warmer toward me after that either. To this day, the guy still thinks I turned them in for child abuse, but I did no such thing. Management did, or if not management, then it was someone else, not me. Later, perhaps, someone I know might have also made some reports, possibly twice, thinking that they were helping me, but all they did was just make this whole situation worse, and made those who live blow me, management, and the local police, less inclined to believe me. I did not know it yet, but I had been put in a leaky canoe, in a smelling creek, with no paddle to maneuver with, by people trying to help me.

There was a pause of about a two weeks, at most, after the daughter was removed from their home. Then, on the very day I heard the should of the daughter having returned home, the night attacks started again.

As this situation progressed, they started following me around the apartment with their boombox (or whatever it was), playing that awful music (if that was music). Then, at some point, they split up into two shifts. One attacking all night, and the other (the son maybe) attacking me the first part of the day, until Dad woke up some time after noon to take over the job again. I could tell when the older man took the job back, because his attacks were always more intense, to the point of brutally sadistic. The kid had more endurance, and he was harder to shake, when I went on walkabouts, just to keep in front of the attacks, even for a short time, but he was seldom as brutal as the older man. The night attacks just kept getting worse too. The older man, liked to toy with me. Turning the power low, letting me fall asleep, and then blasting the power levels up again, waking me right up, over and over again, all night long.

Night after night this went on. So I spent a few night stalking them from above, from within my own apartment, to find out just what the hell they were doing down there. I discovered that they tend to linger in the dinning area most of the time (which is where I play the violin, something I gathered they did not like not long before the night attacks started). I also discovered that they had frequent visitors from two other units from the same end of the building as me, and those who live below me. The woman who lives across from me, and/or her daughter, were down there often. The woman who lived across from them was also a frequent visitor back in late April, and for a while after, but I think there was a fallout after she discovered what they were doing to me late at nights - but after they assaulted her, she was too scared to tell anyone what she discovered - but I am getting ahead of myself.

The devices used against me change with time. At first, it might have been a boombox. But then I started hearing tinkering going on with something mechanical. Like a large hepa air purifier being modified. It was very loud and vibrated the walls and floors intensely. At first, this seemed more preferable to that blasted music, that might not have been music at all. Although The Vibrator was very loud, and made my bed shake, I could sleep through it better than I could endure the awful sounds coming from that boombox.

Then The Vibrator become even more powerful, and more powerful again, and again. And soon, it become painful to endure it's vibratons. As The Vibrator became more and more of a threat, day and night, every day, and every night, the boombox attacks stopped. As the devices, and later a second device, became more powerful, I started noticing that the vibrations were having a direct effect on my heart beat rate and rhythm. I was also having internal pains, from different organs, like the liver, kidneys, spleen, and so on, and sometimes, my chest felt like it was on fire as I lay in bed at night, with one or more of those devices under me, as close to their ceiling as they could get them.

This was all still only a couple of months after these attacks started. It was not even July yet. In June, as these devices were getting used on me more and more often, I started to wonder how they could make my insides hurt, and burn, and speed up my hart rate, and mess up my heart rhythm. My first guess was microwaves. It was a wrong guess, but after I bought a cheap microwave detector, I was detecting microwaves, it kept me on the wrong path for a while. I would later figure out that those microwaves were actually coming from nearby power lines. When things get hot, they produce microwaves. Even the human body produces very small amount of microwaves as the body heats up, like during a workout, so this was only a false trail that I had been following.

Okay, not microwaves, then what else could those devices be producing that hurt me like that?

I did a Google search, typing in something like, "sound waves and speeding heart rate" and started running into information about infrasound.


The symptoms that infrasound can cause in the human body exactly matched what I had been enduring (and I am still enduring at this very moment). Unfortunately, I have no way to prove it. A type 1 sound meter, that can detect decibels of sound all the way down to the infrasound range, between 1 to 20 Hz, are too expensive for me to buy right now. I know that someone did test those devices, and confirmed that they do produce infrasound, but they did not stop these attacks, even armed with that information. After the testers left, I was left up here and the infrasound attacks just kept on and on and on. To this day, those devices, three or more of them at this stage, keep getting stronger, and more quiet. They no longer vibrate the whole apartment, as they did before - shaking things even in the kitchen when the devices was under my living room. Now, these devices are so quiet, it is usually the throbbing in my head that tells me that I am still under attack, more than the sounds that the mechanical devices make.

Medication, prescribed by a doctor, helps control my heart beat and rhythm now. I should not have to take this medication, but without it, those infrasound devices are near deadly to me. And as powerful as those devices have become over the last two months, if I ran out of prescription meds now, those devices might very well kill me. But then again, maybe, as time goes by, I am adapting to the infrasounds. The headaches are at their worst for the first few days after their devices get an upgrade, then my body starts to adjust and the headaches fade away - just about in time for the next device upgrades.

There is more too. Back in July or so, I noticed that the air in my dinning area and kitchen had filled up with dust. The first time that happened, I was puzzled, but the windows were open, and the dust was not a major issue, although dust does bother my lungs some. The next time I saw the dust filled air in the dinning area and kitchen, I knew, somehow, the people down below were doing this. I did not know how, but I knew they were doing it. And during one really bad dust attack, right after I turned on the kitchen vent fan, and turned the hepa air purifiers up to full power, I head, from down below, "It's working!" He sounded so pleased with himself.

Since then, he/they have tried a lot of different things, getting the stuff up here by means I can only speculate about. However he is doing it, he has sent dust that smelled like vacuum cleaner dust, something that smelled of death and decay, burnt tire rubber, burnt motor oil, and fried hamburgers, with lots of ketchup. That last one made me think that maybe they have modified their kitchen vent fan, but management has not found evidence of this, but I am not sure that they looked deep enough into this, since the maintenance guy does not believe these attacks are happening. People tend not to find what they do not believe exists.

Then it got worse. Not only am I still being assaulted by infrasound devices, but now he is using chemicals against me. Once, it was about four days of chlorine, or something chlorine based, if not gas, then what might have been ammonia for a few days, then they switched to fumes from a household cleaner, or bleach. That first chlorine attack was very thick, and smelled more like pure chlorine, but now I think they are just using household cleaners. Worse, he figured out that mixing chlorine based cleaners with an ammonia based cleaner makes something far worse than either one is individually. And that is their current favored fumes attack recipe. I have literally been fighting to survive here, for these last few months, as the two-front attacks get more and more intense, and with greater and greater potential to become deadly. These attacks are still going on day and night, every day, and every night.

I think management did try to help me early on, but they could not figure out what he was doing. They could not find the proof, since they did not know what they were looking for, and the information I gave them, at times, may have lead them in the wrong directions, because the only thing I knew for sure was that I am under attack. I do not know exactly how they are attacking me. I have put many of the pieces together, but sometimes I use pieces from the wrong puzzle, or put the pieces in the wrong places. Over time, the pictures get clearer, and I do see and understand more of what is going on, but since I cannot see through floors, I cannot tell management exactly what to look for and where to look for it. I can give them general ideas what and where to look, but since they have failed to find anything so many times already, they are now Leary of trying to find anything at all, even when I find stronger evidence to support my case against them.

Here I am, struggling to survive through my eight month of attacks, with no solutions to this problem in sight, and no real help available to me. People either think I am nuts, or they fear also getting attacked, or they fear getting sued for harassment, by the people who are doing all the harassing towards me. So far, I think my health is holding up fairly well, considering all that I have been though, but my body has taken a beating, and it will not be able to endure these attacks forever. I already blow blood from my nose sometimes (more and more often now), and this is likely to get worse as I am forced to keep breathing these harsh chemicals, all while being assaulted with infrasound at the same time.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Just taking a break from working on HTML and CSS for the mini-verse.com site. Work progresses well there, but it still seems like an endless task to refine and polish my work. I am hoping this last pass through all the pages will be the last of the polish work before I can move on to adding more content to the site.

My home situation is the same as it was. I am still under attack by someone who started attacking me without warning, in a very sneaky, and subtle way, at first, for no known reason. I have made many guesses as to what may have driven him to rage against me, but they are just guesses, with just snippets of overheard things he, or someone, says down below to give me clues once in a while. He tells people, probably nearby neighbors who see him doing crazy stuff, but never report it to anyone, that he is attacking me because I turned him in for child abuse, which is not true, but facts do not matter to him, and it is something that others seem to accept as reason enough to just stay out of this situation and let it go on. Yep, I have some rather lame neighbors. It could be that they just do not want to say anything to anyone, that could put a stop to this, because they do not want to risk having him tern his focus on them too, and becomes victims of these insane attacks, with infrasound devices aimed at them, and have harsh chemicals spayed into their houses, through any method he can, like spraying around the front door and letting the fumes seep in through the gaps, or even going so far as to damage the structure of this building to get the toxic fumes inside. The chemicals are probably just common household cleaners, but breathing that stuff, day after day, all day, and all night long, it gets rather harsh. Worse, he/they use different chemicals, from different locations, so that when they mix inside the apartment, they combine into a much worse, far more toxic gas.

Still, I find ways to vent and filter as much of the toxic attacks as possible, and have to endure the rest. The sonic devices, producing high decibel infrasound, do not bother me as much as they used to. I have adapted to them quite a bit over the months since these sonic attacks started. I have found that using old clothing, towels, and bedding, rolled up, folded, bunched up, layered flat, pilled deep enough under and around my evening chair, and under the bed, absorbs the worst of the infrasound. Taking the edge off of these attacks. I also use several sheets of Mylar (Emergency Blankets) in layers, between large flattened cardboard boxes, as well. They help a bit too. And no, I do not wear an aluminum foil hat, but I can see why some might think all this would lead to that.

It is a crazy situation I find myself living in.

Note to self, make sure to never again move in above a crazy sadistic person, with nothing better to do in his life than to snoop on and attack other people.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
Just a reminder, I do not automatically accept new members to this board. If you are interested in joining this board, and it would be nice to have new friends to talk with here, you need to send me an e-mail first (see the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page), telling me a little about yourself, and why you want to be a member here.

The only reason that I need to hear from you first is that there are too many bots and SPAMMERS out there trying to sign up for this board. I basically just want to confirm that you are a real person, and not out to post SPAM all over this message board.

I have no tolerance for SPAMMERS or trolls. If one, or the other, did manage to fool me and become a member of this board, it would be a very short lived victory for them. They would be deleted promptly after their true colors became clear.

Real people, as long as they are nice, or at least not mean, are welcome here.

In fact, I would love to find a group of new friends right now. It seems most all of my old friends have drifted away. Time to find new ones.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
It has been a long time since I posted here. Nothing has changed in my life, and I would rather not just keep on ranting about a situation out of my control, and not being able to get help from anyone.

It is just how I live these days, with the constant odors of chemicals, and vibrations coming up from under my feet 24 hours a day. I sure wish there was a cure for insanity, and that my state did more to help those who are insane, and their victims.

Yes, I know, I should just move, but keep in mind, I am a shut-in, poverty stricken, and too stubborn to give in when I know I am not the villain here.

So, there I went, ranting about it anyway, even after I said I would rather not. So it goes.

Overall, I am at peace with myself, even as my demented neighbors war against me. I do not fight back, I just do my best to defend myself, by blocking, filtering, or redirecting sources of odors, and building up protected areas with anti-vibration materials (anything from old blankets, bubble wrap, cardboard, socks, to sheets of rubber help absorb intense, highly focused, vibrations).

The craziness just keeps on coming though.

I am still willing to accept new members to this board, if they would like to chat with me, about anything at all, although I like to keep the open forums PG rated.

You can also find me on Facebook, but I have made a mess of that page with all my rants there. I have an alternate page focused on my art and websites, where I do my best to keep it rant free. If you search for it, it is the one where I have a blue tear as my profile picture.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
I should also add that this forum software needs worked on. After a few software updates, some aspects of this forum have become out of kilter.

I am not sure how much of this is from the software design itself, or if something went amok during a past update, and I just have not bothered to find the problem or fix it yet.

I am not sure if MyBB is really doing it best job on these updates lately either. I think most of their efforts are focused on the next new version of the MyBB software, not on the updates for this version of the software.

I have to wonder as well, if not as many people are using their MyBB software as in the past, The Facebook drain of small board's members effect.

All I know for sure is that the only members of this board I still talk with are on Facebook, and not here.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters
I am thinking about making some radical changes to these forum pages, or archiving this forum, like I did with the first version of MACJR'S Mini-Verse Forum, and then start a new Bog or new forum with a different focus.

I would like to find a way to interact with people, and attract new friends to talk with.

I am not interested in growing a large forum, but at least having a small group of friends to talk about like-interests with.

I am a member of some larger online communities, but I do not do as well in large groups, and I am not fond of dealing with hotheads and trolls that are inevitable part of any large set of forum pages.

I do not know when, or if, I will make these changes though. Right now, I do not know of anyone interested in talking with me on my own set of forum pages. This could change though, if I try hard enough, or the right people find these pages and contact me, to tell me they are interested and want to help get things moving.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters

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