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The Weight Room
cybnetic Wrote:hello my fellow gym enthusiasts!!
I go to the gym 4 days a week training each muscle group per day, then yoga everyother day. Might have to start doing cardio more. I feel oddly out of breath in my old age Smile lol

I workout at home, in my living room, but I do wish I had more equipment to workout with. A gym would be nice, but I just do not get out of the apartment enough for that.

Since recovering enough from my triple bypass surgery to start working out again, I have been making good progress in getting back into shape, but the other day, on my 2nd month anniversary after surgery date, I pulled a muscle in my lower back. That made me forget all about any residual pain from the surgery . The new pain was very intense for several days. Actually, that muscles is still complaining, and I still have to be careful with it, but I am back to working out now. However, I am skipping some of the routines that would stress my lower back, for now.

All I can say is, that when you have one leg out at a horizontal angle, resting on a cat scratching post, so you can stretch to warm up for a workout, do not get distracted by the TV behind you while reaching for your toes. Wink

Oh that hurt!

I am working in more cardio, as well, Cyb.

"I reject your reality and substitute my own." Adam Savage of the MythBusters

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